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Other Groups & Events We Support


Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia
Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia

We are proud to raise money every year for the Foodbank.


UN Peace DayUnited Nations Peace Day: September 21

In 2002, the U.N. General Assembly created the Internationial Day of Peace ("U.N. Peace Day," for short) to provide individuals, organizations, and nations an opportunity to "create practical acts of peace on a shared date." Every year on September 21st, people around the globe celebrate this day, and an evening of activitites is usually held locally at Christ & St. Luke's Church on Olney Street in Norfolk. The 2013 U.N. Peace Day events took place in conjunction with the One Love Festival at Virginia Wesleyan College.
Find out more at the website for U.N. Peace Day in Hampton Roads.

Find out more about Peace Day from the Culture of Peace Initiative.


Hampton Roads Network for Nonviolence, promoting the Season for Peace and Nonviolence

The Season for Peace and Nonviolence, January 30 through April 4, is the period between the anniversary dates of the assassinations of the two great 20th century models of nonviolent activism, Mohandas Gandhi (January 30, 1948) and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (April 4, 1968). Events are presented locally by the Hampton Roads Network for Nonviolence (HRNN).

This international, grassroots event honors Gandhi's and King's visions for healing, transforming and empowering our lives and our communities through the practice of nonviolence.

For more information: Contact Herta Okonkwo via email at, or call Herta at 757-427-5190.

Printable guide from
2012 Season for Nonviolence
opening ceremony events.
Printable press release from
2012 Season for Nonviolence
opening ceremony.


Season for Nonviolence

Petition to promote the Season for Nonviolence in the schools.

Learn more about the Season for Nonviolence.




Earthdance Hampton Roads
Earthdance Global Festival for Peace




Heifer Hampton Roads
Heifer Hampton Roads



World Peace Through World Percussion